National Fieldwork Week Ideas #13: RGS Subject Knowledge Update

 Throughout May I shall share ideas for National Fieldwork Week - one per day...

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A new Subject Knowledge resource from the RGS-IBG.

Fieldwork is a core element of geography teaching and learning in every key stage. It involves the collection, presentation and analysis of data collected both first hand, in the field, and of that gathered from secondary sources in the classroom and at home. 

Though fieldwork can simply require data handling for the sake of it, or for the purpose of seeing geography ‘in action’ in the field, more traditionally, and especially since the 2016 curriculum changes, fieldwork has developed a deeper purpose in the curriculum. 

Fieldwork is firmly part of a wider practice of enquiry-based learning by which students develop aims and hypotheses and handle data that serves to answer or explain relatable geographical theory. It is no surprise, therefore, that many teachers see fieldwork as crucial in supporting students’ understanding of the real world and making young people independent enquirers in their personal geographies.

If you do use this, or any other of the ideas I share, please let us know about what you do. We will be asking people to share their outcomes in various ways. Remember that the theme is CHANGE.

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