National Fieldwork Week Ideas #14: Inclusive fieldwork ideas

Throughout May I shall share ideas for National Fieldwork Week - one per day...

Find out more about National Fieldwork Week here. 

It's important that fieldwork carried out during National Fieldwork Week is open to all students.

We were very pleased to receive recognition for the inclusive nature of the activities we produced for our Mission:Explore series of books.

Catherine Owen wrote and shared a few useful blog posts on ensuring that fieldwork is compassionate - meaning that it is accessible to as many people as possible. Here's the first of those posts.

This provision of fieldwork on the doorstep amd/or which is free of charge is important. Quotidian / everyday geographies are worthy of enquiry and investigation.

Kit Rackley wrote about their experience of fieldwork as a trans student.

A few other links:

RGS Guidance - Principle 4 for HE Fieldwork

An excellent set of links and references in this area.

Plymouth University resource

The week has the theme of CHANGE.

If you do use this, or any other of the ideas I share, please let us know about what you do. We will be asking people to share their outcomes in various ways. Remember that the theme is CHANGE.

Use the hashtag: #nationalfieldworkweek