National Fieldwork Week Ideas #6: Digimap for Schools Webinar

Throughout May I shall share ideas for National Fieldwork Week - one per day...

Find out more about National Fieldwork Week here. 

I recorded a webinar for EDINA as part of a whole range of webinars to support subscribers to Digimap for Schools which are available on their YouTube channel. This was recorded last week and is now available to view.

I spoke about some ideas for using the Digimap for Schools for FIELDWORK.

This was not a particularly technical webinar with plenty of demonstrations of the 'software' as others including Darren Bailey and Kit Rackley have previously been recorded for EDINA. If you are a subscriber check these out, as well as the pre-written fieldwork materials, many of which I wrote.

Check this out.

If you do use this, or any other of the ideas I share, please let us know about what you do. We will be asking people to share their outcomes in various ways. Remember that the theme is CHANGE.

Use the hashtag: #nationalfieldworkweekI