National Fieldwork Week Ideas #8: Claire Kyndt's Fieldwork on a Postcard

 Throughout May I shall share ideas for National Fieldwork Week - one per day...

Find out more about National Fieldwork Week here. 

This presentation was used by my colleague Claire Kyndt during her session at the recent GA Conference. 

Image: Claire Kyndt - copyright: Shaun Flannery ./ Geographical Association 2022

It's based on the Dear Data project, which has an excellent book of visualisations, and an accompanying journal which I have a copy of, and postcards set to allow two people to recreate some of the same ideas. There is a useful guide in the journal as well on how to create visualisations.

Here's a short video outlining the project:

If you do use this, or any other of the ideas I share, please let us know about what you do. We will be asking people to share their outcomes in various ways. Remember that the theme is CHANGE.

Use the hashtag: #nationalfieldworkweek