Official GA Conference 2022 Photos and Session Recordings now available

If you were present at the GA Conference 2022, you will have seen Shaun Flannery, the official photographer for the event, who was very busy moving from one event to the other and capturing the variety of sessions that were on offer.

A selection of his photos are now available on Flickr.

Here's a couple featuring me - if you were there, see if you can find yourself:

Me opening the GA Teachmeet in the evening of the first full day - copyright: Shaun Flannery / Geographical Association 2022

At the Public Lecture and GA Awards we announced the next Vice President (and future President) of the GA: Denise Freeman - copyright: Shaun Flannery / Geographical Association 2022

Now if you missed out on coming along to the conference and booking but are now regretting it, we also have an offering for you.

Around half of the overall conference sessions were streamed live or recorded on the day.