Geographical features on album covers

I remember when albums came on vinyl and inside a large 12" square cardboard sleeve, perhaps with additional liners, booklets and other designs which opened out in different ways. The cover design was important as were all the notes, lyrics and other elements of the packaging. 

CDs don't have the same magic, and of course many people now stream music rather than owning physical products.

Some album covers have geographical features on them, and there used to be a collection of these which I blogged about some time ago on my old Geography and all that Jazz blog. It's an idea that comes back from time to time.

There were a few tweets recently where people shared ideas for album covers which were quite geographical in their imagery. This would make a good challenge for students - to find a suitable image and then label it with the feature.

Here's an example.

Houses of the Holy (1973) - Led Zeppelin

This was designed by Aubrey Powell, an Old Elean and features the Giant's Causeway.

Can you share your favourite?