Open access Primary geography research published

A rather comprehensive research document focussing on Primary Geography has been published and is being hosted on the GA website.

The research was based on the GA's Primary Geography Quality Mark, and looked at outcomes from this. I'm delighted to have been part of the moderation team for the Quality Mark for quite a few years now - at least eight I think. I've also been part of the Secondary Quality Mark moderation team since the beginning - going back to before the Action Plan for Geography.

Click the link to download the report as a PDF.

There's an excellent authoring team for the report:

Professor Simon Catling – Professor Emeritus of Primary Education, Oxford Brookes University, GA President 1992–93 

Kate Glanville – Senior lecturer in geography education, Birmingham City University 

Jeremy Krause – Education Consultant, GA President 2001–02 

Jen Lomas – Primary school teacher and geography subject leader, London 

Dr Paula Owens – Geography Education Consultant, previously GA primary lead 

Steve Rawlinson – Geography Education Consultant, GA Former President 2015–16, Primary Geography journal Board Chair 

Dr Sharon Witt – Geography Education Consultant

This will be of particular value to those schools which are applying for the PGQM in the future, as it provides a wealth of information about the feedback given by moderators and what we are looking for in top quality Primary Geography. Congratulations to all the author team.