Gemma Sou on GeogPod

The latest GeogPod features an excellent interview with Dr Gemma Sou on her work developing comics. There is plenty here on Everyday Geographies and related issues around experiences of disasters, colonialism and other themes. I have blogged about Gemma's work and the related resources numerous times previously, and the origins of the work which is based on a great deal of research and time spent in communities around the world.

Description of the episode which has a strong link with my GA Presidential theme of Everyday Geographies.

The guest for this week's podcast is Gemma Sou, Vice Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow at RMIT University in Australia. Gemma and John talk about the human geography of the climate crisis, and how she uses graphic novels to represent her research into human-environment relationships and the gendered impacts of climate change. They look into the value of using different media for representing the personal, and giving students a portal into a different worldview.

You can listen to the GeogPod here.

You can download the comics from Gemma's website.

After Maria is here.

And the latest comic on Everyday Stories of Climate Change.

You can also listen to the podcast on fieldwork that I did with Paula Richardson ahead of National Fieldwork Week.