We are England - Showmen

Early on in my teaching career in King's Lynn, I taught quite a few of the families who were involved in the fairground business: showmen (and women) who ran fairground rides and the related stalls, as did my wife, who was also involved in traveller education for a while.

The first show in the year is the 'Mart', which takes place in King's Lynn around Valentine's Day, and has been held for over 800 years! It takes over the Tuesday Market Place, and attracts thousands of visitors.

Here's a drone film flyover of the Mart from a few years ago.

One of the families I taught back then was the Appletons, and a week or so ago there was an interesting programme on this family and the patriarch 'Nipper' Appleton. Fairs like this are very much part of British culture. 

As a child in Rotherham we had the 'Statis' fair (probably from Statutes) which was held in the Autumn out near the old Millmoor ground.

When I later lived in Hull while completing my teacher training, there was the huge Hull Fair.

Living close to Hunstanton we also had the small permanent fairground at the end of the promenade.

The programme can be viewed again here.