Notes from a PGCE #7: Games in Education

My PGCE tutor: Vincent Tidswell was an adopter of geographical games, which were being developed around the time that I completed mine in 1986. They involved quite a lot of preparation, with duplication of instructions, boards, event cards and other components. Vincent developed the Herefordshire Farm Game, which involves decision making around the weather and crop rotations.

The farm was called Canon Pyon.

As part of our PGCE we had a session on games and simulations, and I also cut some out from 'Teaching Geography'. I later used some of my own invention when I started teaching - lost to the mists of time now.

Chris Kington later published a collection of Rex Walford's ideas. He had earlier published a book in 1972,

Here are my notes from the session:

Games in the Classroom by Alan Parkinson on Scribd