Ronald George Lampitt - a genius illustrator

A cross posting from my GCSE Natural History blog, which is collating ideas around the new subject ahead of further news on its content.

I've long been a fan of the work of Ronald Lampitt - who illustrated a book I've mentioned and written about numerous times here on LivingGeography and elsewhere - it even made it into my Presidential lecture. 

It's called 'The Map that Came to Life'.

This Artifice post agrees with me.

This page features a selection of his work.

He was one of the wonderful illustrators of Ladybird Books - capturing everyday geographies of childhood, shopping, the changing seasons and the natural world, as well as life in the countryside.

It would be good to have a reference to Ladybird Books in the section of the specification that looks at how the natural world has been represented.

You will find plenty more examples of Lampitt's work tweeted now and again:

Some of the books he illustrated for Ladybird Books:

‘Animals and How They Live’ written by Frank Newing and Richard Bowood, 1965.

‘Plants and How They Grow’ by Frank Newing and Richard Bowood,1965.

‘Birds and How They Live’ by Frank Newing and Richard Bowood, 1966.

‘A Ladybird Book of Our Land in the Making: Book 1: Earliest Times to the Norman Conquest’ by Richard Bowood, 1966.

‘A Ladybird Book of Our Land in the Making: Book 2: Norman Conquest to Present Day’ by Richard Bowood, 1966.

‘Understanding Maps’ by Nancy Scott. Loughborough, 1967.

‘Learning About Insects and Small Animals’ by Romola Showell, 1972.