GA Presidential Election - make your choice

A cross-posting from my GA Presidents blog.

Following the call for nominations for the role of GA President 2025–26, an election is now taking place to discover the next GA President to succeed Hina Robinson, who will be GA President for 2024-5.

Nominations have been received for Catherine Owen and Kit Marie Rackley.

The GA President holds a number of key responsibilities, including setting the theme of the GA Annual Conference, chairing the Conference Planning Board and delivering the Presidential Lecture at Conference.

The President serves as Vice President (2024–5) in their first year and as an ex-officio member of Education Group. In the second year, as President (2025–6), they will also serve as the Chair of Education Group. 
Following their presidency, they serve for one further year as Immediate Past President (2026–7) and remain as a member of the GA’s Governing Body. 

Throughout the period of office, they work with the Chair of Trustees and Chief Executive to help steer the work of the Governing Body and the Association.

Read the statements from the two candidates and vote for your preferred choice by the 26th of February. You have a month to shape the future of the GA through your decision here. 

This election continues a trend of having more teacher Presidents put themselves forward than has historically been the case.

The new President will also be working with a new GA Chief Executive.

And if you want to vote and you aren't already a GA member, then now is your perfect opportunity to join and have your say.