GTE Conference 2024 - #1 - Friday

I first went to the GTE Conference in 2009 when I joined the Geographical Association, and ended up in a hotel in Southport with a whole range of teacher educators who to that point had been names on books and on GA committees that I was aware of, but didn't think I might have much in common with. 

The ITT 'landscape' has changed considerably since then, and so has the conference.

I travelled up from Ely via circuitous route to York and the Holiday Inn to arrive half an hour before the scheduled start. I was immediately into conversations with familiar people, including teachers and teacher educators, along with other guests.

The theme of the first afternoon's sessions was Sustainability and Climate Change.

There were sessions from Kit Marie Rackley, Michelle Graffagnino and Nicola Warren-Lee and Rafael de Miguel Gonzalez (President of EuroGeo), followed by coffee.

This was followed by another EuroGeo colleague on ERASMUS projects: Maria Luisa de Lazaro-Torres followed by a session by Elena Lengthorn on her work with visiting academic Jose Gilberto Souza. It was interesting to discover that climate change and other environmental themes are not covered in the school curriculum in Brazil. David Mitchell was due to finish the evening with a message of hope, but he was unfortunately unwell, so it was time for a pint instead, before heading to my parents for the evening.

Thanks to Rob Chambers for some of the images taken from his copious tweets during the conference.

For Tweets from the event, search for hashtag #GTEConf and #GTEConf24 on Twitter.