GTE Conference 2024 #3: Sunday

The Sunday of GTE Conference started promptly with a final lengthy session on Curriculum and Pedagogies.

The session was chaired by Emily Rotchell.

Nicola Warren-Lee led a session on the GA's Curriculum Framework for School Geography, and Sophie Wilson presented on a virtual fieldwork project completed with Maria Angeles-Rodriguez Domenech.

Susan Pike then presented one of the more useful sessions, even though it was not for the English context as she talked through some developments in Ireland. She has a very enviable workplace at Trinity College, Dublin. They are hosting IGU events later in the year as well. I worked with Susan on the GA Presidents Group. Like me, she has also shifted between the primary and secondary areas of work over the years.

After a break for pastries, Smriti Safaya, who had led a walk yesterday using the iNaturalist app to draw in some citizen science, talked through some really nice ideas for fieldwork, which would connect with the GCSE Natural History as well. Her work was excellent.

Then it was me. I presented a session called 'Exploring Everyday Curriculum Influences'.

My presentation slides are below. Happy to answer any questions about the session and ideas. 
As always it was a bit of a retrospective look at the changing nature of curriculum, and links through to ITE with a few ideas in there. 
I mentioned Norman Graves in the presentation, and later discovered that it was actually his 99th birthday that day, which definitely makes him the oldest former GA President.

The final session of the conference was by Emily Davies who talked about her work bridging geography and history.

After a quick pizza lunch, it was into the car for the long trip south. On my return journey home via various motorways and A roads, I passed another encampment of protest. On the way up it had been the Hungtingdon Life Sciences site. On the way back it was RAF Scampton, which is being used to house asylum seekers. There were lots of tents and banners outside the entrance to the base.

The venue for GTE Conference 2025 has not yet been decided - there are a number of possible venues.