Local homes for local people

Burnham Market is a village in North Norfolk which is often described as 'Chelsea by the Sea' as it was long ago discovered by Londoners for second home ownership, driving up house prices and changing the nature of the village. I've noticed these changes in the thirty years since I first visited. It also has a bit of a flood across again at the moment due to the heavy rain, and doubtless some local house construction changing the nature of the drainage around the village. The average house in the village costs £1 million according to several sources, although there are properties available for quite a bit less than that.

They are now planning to build a number of homes which will only be available for local people to live in. The mechanism for doing this is going to be difficult to achieve, as when this has been tried in other places such as Southwold it has proved to be difficult.

These will be local homes for local people, which reminds me of one of the catchphrases in 'League of Gentlemen'.

I shall watch this with interest to see what happens next. How can they really ensure that local people only occupy these new homes?