Met Office Stamp Issue

A new stamp issue with a geographical theme is always something that I can get behind. In recent years, I've bought stamps linked with the Windrush Generation, UK Wildlife, National Parks and Polar explorers.

The latest is celebrating 170 years of the Met Office and weather forecasting.

They feature a number of important people and events, including Luke Howard, who invented the classification for different cloud types.

Second Class Luke Howard, pioneer meteorologist, classified clouds in 1803

Second Class Storm barometer of Robert FitzRoy, founder of the Met Office in 1854

First Class Terra Nova Expedition studied extreme weather in 1910-12

First Class Marine buoys collect data for the Shipping Forecast, first broadcast in 1924

£2.00 Weather observers were vital to the success of the D-Day invasion in 1944

£2.00 Radar and computers improved forecasting accuracy from the 1950s

£2.20 Barbara Edwards became the first British female TV weather presenter in 1974

£2.20 Supercomputers and satellites help track the Earth's weather today