15-minute conspiracy theories

This Guardian piece outlines how changes in transport policy were probably influenced by unfounded, and patently ridiculous theories.

This relates to the plans to develop strategies which might enable 15-minute city neighbourhoods where unecessary car journeys were reduced, and cycling and other forms of transport which are environmentally preferable to cars were prioritised. These are important to reduce the impact of lifestyles on the air quality of cities, although the proliferation of rental e-bikes and scooters have cluttered up many city centres where they can be left as and where people want.

A good letter in the Guardian shortly after the publication of this article also reminded us that we need to remember that many people grew up in 15 minute cities - during the 1950s when this sort of thing was far more common - in the days before out of town supermarkets and mass car ownership, and when a walk up to the High Street was a daily experience for many.