Going to see...

Regular readers of the blog will know that my favourite author is probably the late Barry Lopez.

His writing is deeply thoughtful, authentic and wonderfully crafted, and all about paying attention to the place he is in, and the indigenous knowledges that are connected with it.

A new book has been published which features a series of essays and articles on his work and what it means to the authors. Robert MacFarlane has contributed a chapter called 'The Mappist'.

A description from the publishers:

Barry Lopez was not only a writer, but also a traveler, visionary, and someone with a deep love for humanity and the natural world. Going to See illuminates how the stories he shared with us were like stones in a pond, sending ripples throughout not just a world of readers, but also a network of writers. Here, 30 of those writers reflect on Lopez's tremendous influence on their work and their lives.

From stories of intimate conversations with Lopez, to insightful examinations of his writing and outdoor experiences, to deeply heartfelt tributes about his generosity of spirit, what emerges is a "many-sided" portrait of Lopez, as co-editor James Perrin Warren writes. It's also a celebration of the fellowship of writers that Lopez helped create, writers who are committed to serving the natural world, human and nonhuman communities, and the planet we all share.

A sample of the book is available on Google Books.