Sean Henry at Ely Cathedral

It's important to check out any art in your local area, particularly when it's site-specific art. I'm fortunate to be able to visit Ely Cathedral regularly.

At the moment, there is an exhibition of sculptures from Sean Henry.  I'm going to enjoy encountering these artworks numerous times over the coming months of the summer term.

It's called 'Am I my brother's keeper?'. They are all figures of different scales made from a range of materials.

Sean Henry says “I am very excited to be exhibiting my sculptures in and around the ancient space of Ely Cathedral and grateful for the opportunity. My sculptures, while often inspired by aspects of real people, are rarely portraits and not motivated by status as in much traditional figurative art. I am interested in what it is to be human and inspired by the felt sense of shared humanity.

The excitement of exhibiting in Ely Cathedral is a sense of multi-generational history, of the lives both great and forgotten that have touched this building and how this history impacts our viewing and the connections between sculpture and viewer.”

I've been to see the works twice so far. They are excellent...

Images: Alan / Sally Parkinson - shared under CC license