Via Tim Cresswell, I discovered this book. I haven't bought a copy yet, but will see what else I can find out about it, and what extracts and related articles there are online.

From the description:

What happens when our cultural and artistic lives are dictated to us by an algorithm? What does it mean when shareability supersedes innovation? How can we make a choice when the options have been so carefully arranged for us?

From coffee shops to city grids to TikTok feeds and Netflix homepages the world over, algorithmic recommendations prescribe our experiences. This network of mathematically determined choices - the 'Filterworld' - has taken over, almost unnoticed, as we've grown accustomed to an insipid new normal. But to have our tastes, behaviours, and emotions governed by computers calls the very notion of free will into question.

Tim uses it to question the impact on our lives and how we experience "places".

The book developed from other pieces such as 'Welcome to Airspace'
This explores how similar Airbnb locations are, in order to appeal to the average person who uses the app to find accommodation.