'Endemic use' of teachers with other specialisms

There is a real issue with teacher recruitment currently with respect to the numbers of new teachers.

This is against a backdrop of an aging workforce with many teachers planning to retire, and issues with retention.

An item was added to the TES website a few weeks ago, featuring a letter signed by a group of seven subject associations. Steve Brace signed it on behalf of the Geographical Association.

This is an area to focus on with the recent election result, to ensure that Education remains a priority for support for Labour, who will make decisions about Education for the next few years through Bridget Phillipson.

There are quite a few issues for them to deal with immediately.

The letter starts:

“The impact of an educational system will always be determined by the quality of its teachers and young people deserve to be taught by teachers who are experts in their subjects.

”However, we are concerned such positive experiences are becoming more limited, especially for young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds.”