Pearson / Edexcel Geography Focus groups

Pearson will be running some focus groups for Edexcel GCSE Geography during half-term week in October (27th-31st) looking at the new proposals for 2016 GCSE Geography.

The focus groups will take place either in the morning or afternoon (depending on participant availability) in 2 locations (Central London and Manchester) with an incentive of £70 Amazon vouchers per participant (e-vouchers will be sent out shortly after the sessions).

As part of this exercise, there will be a short pre-task which will involve some background reading.

If you teach Edexcel GCSE Geography A, are a Head of Department/Subject and are interested in participating in a focus group discussion, please complete this short survey which you can access from this link

We do, unfortunately, have limited availability and are seeking a mix of teaching backgrounds. However, we will make every effort to involve as many teachers as possible in our research. The link will only be live until 9 am on Monday 13 October.

Jon Wolton FRGS
Geography Subject Advisor