Uganda Marathon

"Maps are having a moment"

Fairtrade Footballs

ESRI Community Analyst tool - a first play...

Teaching Geography Summer 2018 Issue


Our Place

30 Days Wild


Google Trends

TMGeography Icons - academic keynote announced

GA Magazine and special commemorative booklet

Tiny foldable cities

45 years ago...

Urban Growth Explorer

Regional disposable income mapping

Everyone would gather..

Jersey Royals and PDO status

Responsible Tourism: some case studies

Get Outside Champion Blogs #3 - Jen and Sim Benson

BritIce Posters - on their way to a school near you...

125th Anniversary of the founding of the Geographical Association

Mapping Google Doodle

Impossible Burger

Sanctuary III - there's an education metaphor here somewhere...

Live video feed from Hawaii

Jo Atherton's coastal art


Uganda Marathon

The Long Dark

John Muir Award

Country Risk Profiles

Arctic Tourism: Iceland under pressure

Hunstanton Cliffs

Thought for the Day

We're doomed*

Gapminder Mountain Chart

New Town Utopia

Bill Gates loves Dollar Street

GA Conference 2018 - Post #20 of 20 - Looking ahead to Manchester

GA Conference 2018 - Post #19 - Things that looked interesting but which I didn't get to....


Thinking like a Geographer

Water and Food Atlases from the Guerrilla Cartographers

Google Earth Tour Creator

Practical Pedagogies Early Bird

Factfulness: a collaborative scheme of work for KS3

New William Atkins book out soon, with a focus on deserts

BBC Teach - some new Geography resources


Seneca Learning

GI Learner Teacher Conference - still chance to attend - grants available...

Kilauea eruption - hotspot volcano - impact and response...