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Here for the Duration


Landscape: a common place

An ageing and unhealthy coast

Learning the lessons of History

A Cold Spell: a Human History of Ice

Storyville: Songs of Earth

Fantasy: Realms of Imagination

Merry Christmas

Tipping points


EuroGeo Conference 2024

Scot Dec Climate Anxiety Resource

Chief Executive of the Geographical Association - job opportunity

SimCity BuildIt

Iram Sammar's new GCSE support videos

Sundhnúkagígar Eruption - December 2023

End of the Pier Show

RIP Sir Tim Brighouse

Heatwaves and eco-anxiety

Marshall Islands survival plan

Brand Antarctica

The Washing Machine Project

Steve Brace - geographer for hire

Routes Journal - Volume 3 Issue 3

Climate Stripes in Formula E

GA Conference 2024

Slow Geography Newsletter #21 - out now

10th anniversary of Earth Null School

Benjamin Zephaniah - rest in power

Tree Equity Score

COP28 - Pope Francis

COP28 - King Charles III opening speech

Pier to Peer fundraiser