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Routes Issue 2

The tragedy of the loss of ERASMUS

Polygonal Planet Project

RIP Barry Lopez

Barry Lopez and 'American Geography'

Thought for the Day

Christmas Blogging Break

New Marvellous mappage

Food Deserts

Odda Treehouses

Had to happen... plastics in the womb

Global Historical Temperature Record

The Chicken Nugget

Another ..opoly

Exploring the local area in times of a pandemic

Into the 1990s

Everything we Touched during lockdown

What 3 Words

'Why Study Geography?' - the Christmas edition

Alexander von Humboldt's journals

Discovering the Weddell Sea

Post Covid-19

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Expedition Earth - An Explorer's Guide to a Planet in Peril

GI Pedagogy publication is now available to view

UNICEF Aid.... for British children


Climate Change - it's a Fact

Islands of Abandonment

Different approaches to public information...

Fens Biosphere Project

UK Biomass

Pope Francis on the Pandemic

South Georgia at risk...


Thought for the Day

Teachchat on Careers in Geography

It's gruesome... and it's grew some more...

Coming in 2021

The Power of Geography

The Pedestrian

Flying high or low

Melting running AMOC in the Arctic

Mango dress

TM GeographyIcons 2020 - my presentation

Ben Hennig lecture

What would happen if humans disappeared?

Upgrade your Gapminder knowledge

Tariq Jazeel UCL lecture