Christmas is coming....

Yesterday at the Suffolk conference, talked about the use of CHRISTMAS as a context for some geography work. In terms of
I recognise that not all faiths are represented in a unit like this: "winterval" anyone ?

Mark Cowan has kindly made available another one of his poems.

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Looking back over previous work, there are some links on my GEOGRAPHYPAGES website, including an old BLOG POST.

I also had quite a Christmas theme to my PEOPLE AS CONSUMERS unit on my PILOT GCSE blog: here are all the POSTS LABELLED CHRISTMAS.

What else is there ?

Emma Johns produced some work on using the huge AMAZON distribution warehouse near Milton Keynes as a context. Location of these warehouses is crucial. Good use of GIS as well in terms of routing of lorries for deliveries, and co-ordination of distribution network. I pass the Wilkinsons and
There's a big John Lewis warehouse on the way up to Hull as well on the M18

Helen Nurton produced an excellent CHRISTMAS TREE: real or artificial activity and a Christmas mind map, both of which are still available from 4SHARED HERE. They have both been downloaded almost 300 times, and I certainly made use of them last Christmas...

Tony Cassidy did a European Tour for Santa where he popped up in lots of locations.

Val Vannet produced a massive ADVENT CALENDAR quiz with a question behind each window.

Mary Cooch has made some very nice games on her GAMES4GEOG site (scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Christmas games)

Paula Richardson produced a set of resources on a CHRISTMAS THEME, which are still available on the GA WEBSITE.

On Christmas Eve each year, NORAD track Santa, and you can follow his progress on Google Earth.

Globalisation and interdependence: connections with China, and the BBC BOX.

Research Christmas presents and their global connections e.g. iPods, Barbies (some multicultural ones)

Thanks very much to Victoria Ellis for adding a comment which led me to her rather nice Christmas Assembly cum Quiz, embedded below:

Christmas Assembly
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A trip to Christmas Island ?

Don't forget to recycle your Christmas cards.
Why not do a HOUSEBLINGERS homework - is the credit crunch and rising energy prices going to mean less of this sort of thing ?

Remember, a scheme of work is for life, not just for Christmas...

Music Festivals

Just browsing an excellent CD containing a fully resourced scheme of work on MUSIC FESTIVALS, that was handed to me today by Vicki and James Woolven from 2 SGQM CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE schools in Suffolk - wonderful work guys!
To accompany it, here's a great pic of Sigur Ros from Alexandra Palace, which a few people I know went to - sounds like it was up to the standard of the first date on the tour that I saw.
Great energy in this image.
Pic by Flickr user Beeeeeeeeeeeez
(hope that's enough e's)

Suffolk Geography Conference

Just back from Ipswich, and Belstead House: a nice conference venue, but the rain meant I didn't have the chance to take some photos as planned...
Had a very good turnout for my keynotes and the network sessions in the afternoon. It was good to meet with the Heads of Department of 2 'Secondary Quality Mark' and 'Centre of Excellence' schools. Thanks for your contributions to the Ruth Totterdell inspired "Mr. Happy", "Mr. Grumpy" session...

Here are the 2 presentations that I used today: slightly edited to remove some copyrighted images and also with credits on the final slide...
Let me know if you have any questions about any of the content, or would like more information.

Suffolk Geog Conf 1
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I hope I convinced you of the need to introduce an element of carefully planned CREATIVITY, perhaps using Chris Durbin's framework.
Also check out the NEW SUFFOLK LEARNING website, which contains resources that would also be useful for those outside Suffolk too... Choose CURRICULUM, then HUMANITIES...

Second session started with an overview of GIS, and then some resourcing issues. Many thanks to those colleagues who contributed in various ways, and thanks to Dale Banham and all colleagues in Suffolk for their efforts today.

Suffolk Geography Conference 3

Here are a few more bits relating to tomorrow's conference:

Refer to my BEDFORD GIS session for the second session...
Contains more detail than I will be able to include...

Bedford Gis Session
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Thanks to Bob Lang for passing on the fact that the KING EDWARD VI 5 WAYS GIS page has been updated with all new LINKS TO GIS materials and information.

Also remember WORDLE

New BBC Broadband Materials

Thanks to Noel Jenkins for the tip-off that new video clips for classroom use have now been added to the BBC Learning Zone CLASS CLIPS website.

Primary Geography Competition

This arrived in my e-mail today... An opportunity for primary colleagues.

Primary schools are being asked to send in an image of pupils taking part in a cooking or growing activity or one of a farm visit. The picture needs to be accompanied with the schools name and address, and 200 words about the activity being undertaken. The images will be used on the Think Food and Farming website or in newsletters. Schools entering must be registered to receive Think Food and Farming newsletters and e-shots at

There are fifteen books to give away so the first fifteen schools to by the 30th January 2009 will receive one of the books. Winners will receive their book by the 20th February.

*Entries are limited to one entry per school and must be submitted by a member of staff who has permission to use the photographs.


Took this image earlier this year. 
Who is next ?

Brighton hoves into view...

In February, I am going to Brighton to run a (scary) day conference between 9am and 3.30pm.

Met up with the 'geographical whirlwind' that is Graham Goldup last week at the RGS-IBG, and he passed me some details and a poster. Thursday 12th February 2009 is the date.

Go HERE for more details of the CPD that Graham and his colleague are organising in the Brighton and Hove area, and HERE for more regional networking opportunities.

When looking at some of these, I came across a whole new section of the GEOGRAPHYTEACHINGTODAY website that I hadn't been aware of...

  • For example, here are some A2 MATERIALS from the Chesterfield resources event (top right on the web page) - details from each of the syllabuses.
  • The SOUTH RIBBLE network area has a great set of GOOGLE EARTH RESOURCES. Check these out...
  • I also found a whole section on the new NETWORKS which I hadn't been aware of...

I BETT this will be good....

A nicely written piece in yesterday's Education Guardian: the annual supplement for the BETT show. I've written the Geography preview for the show for the last 3 years. The image of the Nintendo DS with Sim City being played is mine too.
The ONLINE VERSION is now available.
Check out the rest of the BETT Preview too.
I'll be at Teachmeet and will be manning the GEOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATION's STAND in the SUBJECT ASSOCIATION area on Saturday the 17th of January.

Where in the World ?

Noticed today quite a lot of visitors from overseas in the last hour or so on Living Geography: Virginia Beach, USA - Helsinki, Finland - Amsterdam - Santos - Milan - Brno - Mafra (a regular visitor - you're very welcome !)

Used my old favourite FLICKR TOYS website: every time I do a CPD session there are people who have not come across this before, and it is SO useful...
One of the tools that I used today was the MAP MAKER TOOL.
Click the countries you want to have highlighted, and the map tool does the rest.
So here are the countries from which I have had visitors to LIVING GEOGRAPHY since we opened for business.
Why not tell me about maps that YOU have made with this tool...

Visitors to Living Geography Blog
Make yours @
Make yours @

Suffolk Geography Conference 2

The programme for my 2 sessions - just about to assemble the delegate packs, and sort out the presentation slides from a combination of sources, and add some last minute updates as always...

UPDATE: Numbers are looking healthier than planned: will need to make some more delegate packs !

A 'geography' quiz in the Guardian

How well do you know the world ?
Or at least the 10 random facts that have been selected for the quiz.

Mobile Internet Usage on the increase...

We are told that within 2 years, students will be using their mobile phones to access the internet, and bypassing school filtering to access any website they want.
Mobile internet usage is apparently on the increase
BBC News article.

Do you have any 'evidence', whether ad-hoc or based on student surveys for the growth in student use of mobile phones ?
This follows on from the 'KEEP PLUGGING' article in the TES, and also the Futurelab report I mentioned in a recent post...

Suffolk Geography Conference 1

The first of a few posts over the next few days ready for a conference on Friday.

This YouTube clip, made by GIS professionals in Austin, Texas by the sound of it, is a great parody of REM's "It's the end of the world", made for GIS Day 2008, earlier in the month...
Discovered via one of my TWITTER contacts.

Futurelab report on Transformative Innovation

Just downloaded my copy of new report from Futurelab on TRANSFORMATIVE INNOVATION.
Supporting innovation in schools

The new handbook,
‘Promoting Transformative Innovation in Schools’, is designed to prompt debate around the nature and purpose of innovation in schools. It aims to offer evidence, insights, ideas and recommendations that can be built upon to support and nurture a culture of transformative innovation within education and to share approaches and tools that can support innovative practice in schools.

This handbook is available to download free from

Worth reading to see what messages can be used in the Geography classroom...

Also reading Ollie Bray's blog on use of QR CODE in the classroom.

Education 2020

What will education look like in 2020 ?

I was interested in the KEEP PLUGGING article in the TES on Friday.
This has some very interesting things to say about technology in the classroom. Also interested in the use that they are making of it outside the classroom, and whether the benefits can be transferred into the school situation.

See you at THIS EVENT in June, which just happens to be on Islay...

Suffolk to Notts...

Another one of those days.
Just after breakfast time this morning, I was wandering the streets of Lavenham in Suffolk. A bit dark these images (sorry)...
My car outside the Crooked House gallery...
 Mid-Suffolk has come out as one of the best places in the country to live, and passed through it en route to Hadleigh High School. Hadleigh not only holds a Secondary Geography Quality Mark, but it is also a geography 'Centre of Excellence' school.
I was there to say hello to the geography department, but also to start to explore what makes a really successful department really successful. More to come over the next few months on that. A pleasure to spend time with the students through the morning. Thanks also to Dale Banham.

Back through squalls, and it was a 'goose night'. From October through to February, there are tens of thousands of pink footed geese out on the Wash, who fly inland each day to feed. Some nights, their flightpath takes them over my house, and tonight was one of those nights: skein after skein of geese passing over in the dusk: a wonderful experience.

More bird related news was that the village where I live is in the area of North Norfolk coast which is being suggested as the site for the reintroduction of sea eagles from next summer. There's a meeting in the village hall later in the week which I'll go along to.

Later, it was a trip up in lashing rain to Nottinghamshire for another Travelodge night...
Read the latest issue of GEOGRAPHICAL magazine, which I picked up at the RGS last week. Special issue on TOURISM.

Mark Cowan Poem

Have blogged about Mark's book of poetry previously..
Thanks to Victoria Ellis' GEOGTASTIC blog for this example of Mark's poem: a great one about Fieldwork...

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Don't forget that Geographical Association members get 15% off the book - check GA NEWS for more information.

NQT / PGCE members of the GA / RGS-IBG can also see more of Mark's work on the NQT NING.
If you're an NQT / PGCE

50 Geographical Films

With thanks to Chris Lloyd Staples for the original 'spade work'...
Ready for a session in Suffolk later this week.
Which one(s) have you used, and how did you use them ?

'New' Al Gore TED talk on Climate Change

Snowing in Norfolk

A new friend...

Forgot to mention that on Thursday I picked up a new friend.
Look at that intrepid hairy explorer.... and Barnaby...

Land Grab

A major article in today's GUARDIAN on the rush by the wealthier nations to buy up land in some of their poorer (nearish) neighbours, to grow food crops and biofuels.
It is being described as the 21st Century version of the 
Read the main ARTICLE here, also a very good map to get while you can.

London - Stage 2 - Resourcing Controversial Issues

Another trip down to London today. Slightly later train, which was nowhere near as crowded, and Victoria Line to Vauxhall Bridge road and the Education and Campaign offices of Oxfam GB. I liked the 'chill-out' igloo !
The link is because of a unit that I am writing in association with Oxfam, which will also form part of an online CPD resource, coming in January 2009.
Check out the excellent FOOD CRISIS resources that Oxfam produce.
Don't forget the OXFAM UNWRAPPED gift options as we come up to Christmas as well.

For £24, you can 'TEACH A TEACHER'.

Thanks to John and Richard at Oxfam for their hospitality, and if you are in the area of Victoria station, I recommend 'Salad Heaven' on Gillingham Street for lunch...

The resources will start to appear shortly, with some sneak previews here.
Next week is a Suffolk week....

London - Stage 1

Early start today.
Train down to London, and a crammed underground on Piccadilly line to South Kensington. Past the ice rink outside the Natural History museum, and to the Royal Geographical Society for the launch of Primary Geography Champions.
The first group of Champions attended for training and a good day was had by all. Many thanks to the RGS for hosting the event, and well done to Paula Owens for organising such as a pleasant day.
Also had a meeting with a nice lady from the Times Educational Supplement - watch this space for more on that.
Look forward to supporting the champions. More details will be on the Champions NING.

Use the Google Map below to identify and contact your regional CHAMPION. Don't worry if there's no-one near you at the moment - the next tranche will be appointed shortly.

Why not apply ?

View Larger Map

Interdependence Day Seminar

Image by BecauseStudio

Sheffield University Geography Department - 18th November - 4.15pm
Thanks to Dr. Tariq Jazeel for inviting me to yesterday's seminar by Dr. Renata Tyszczuk from the Architecture department of the University of Sheffield on the Interdependence Day project  , which looks at the nature of global environmental change, as we enter the era that has come to be known as the Anthropocene : one of human landscape- alteration and environmental instability.
It explored interdependence as framework for discussion on human alteration of the world.
It also featured the Mappae Mundi project
This project is currently being developed with partners at the Open University and is a cross-disciplinary venture between Geography and Architecture, between `writing the earth´ and `making place´. Its ambition is to `put stories back into maps´.
Renata talked about 2 events at the Royal Geographical Society, and the publication “Do good lives have to cost the earth ?
Also passed out some broadsheets from the Interdependence Day meetings, including an excellent article: “London Inside Out” by Doreen Massey, which was familiar to me from her book “World City”.
Talked about 2 story-based pieces:
We don’t know when it’s coming in (PDF download)
Relating to clothing, and connections the British Antarctic Survey, and the charity clothing shop where items were sold.
We don’t have a survival kit (PDF download)
New maps for an island planet, and ideas of provisionality and uncertainty.Thanks to Dr. Jazeel for the invitation.

One of the other groups that attended the Interdependence Day project day was RED REDEMPTION.

They have produced an intriguing CLIMATE CHALLENGE GAME, which can be played online.

Remember that your students are 'all' playing games - everyday geographies...

Let's get together...

We now have 13 groups on the Geographical Association's NING. Some are shown below:
Once you've signed up for the Ning, feel free to join an existing group, or suggest another group that you would like us to create !

School Geography

Now uploaded David Lambert's presentation from University of Sheffield Centenary Lecture series to SLIDEBOOM, which produces a FLASH based presentation which includes the original slide animations...


Blogs, Nings and now Glogs...

It's hard to keep up some times

Glogs - create interactive and rich media web pages quickly and easily! height="500" width="100%"> value="">    
Get your own at Scribd or explore others:  Education    eLearning/Online Lea    howto    eLearning  

Another contribution from Doug Belshaw

Public Geographies: Seminar Series 1

Just got details of the first in an ESRC funded seminar series on PUBLIC GEOGRAPHIES.
The GA are going to be involved in organising one of the later events in the series: early in 2010

Here are all the details for those who are free to come along and experience some challenging and 'living' geography. The session will start at mid-day on Friday and end at mid-day on Saturday: 24 hours of geography.

‘How did that happen?’ The creation of time and space for public geographies

This introductory event will be held over a 24-hour period, with the aim of identifying common themes and issues about ‘new public geography’ through panel discussion and open floor debate, presentations and interventions of varying types focused on exploring ‘how did that happen?’

We wish to encourage anyone with an interest in ‘engaging geography’ to participate – academics, researchers, students, practitioners, and, of course, members of ‘the public’. We hope to facilitate the inclusion of as wide a constituency of ‘geographers’ as possible, by creating time and space for discussion around stories of engagements, the initiation of enduring relationships and research, issues of communication/translation, engaging geographical work beyond academic publication, successes and failures, and perceptions of those on ‘the receiving end’ of geographical engagements, with a particular focus on exploring how publics value the time and expertise of geographers.

The seminar will include:

Friday 23 Jan

  • Arrivals, lunch, informal conversations …

‘How did that happen?’: panel discussants and open floor debate

  • Susan Buckingham (Middlesex University)
  • Ian Cook (Exeter University)
  • Rachel Pain (Durham University)
  • Tom Wakeford (Director, Beacons of Public Engagement)

‘Conversations I’: small group debate and feedback, drawing on people’s wider experiences and thoughts on public geography*

*Participants are encouraged to do some ‘homework’ for the seminar, asking students, colleagues, research contacts, family and/or friends relevant questions around ‘what is public geography?’ – and to bring their ‘findings’ with them

Evening meal … in honour of Dr. Duncan Fuller, who was the driving force behind this seminar series before his unexpected death early in October

Saturday 24 Jan

Film screening: collaborations between geographers/academics and ‘publics’

  • Matthew Gandy (UCL)/PUKAR: water issues in Mumbai
  • Neil Percival (Northumbria Uni): community film making - experiences of racism in the north east of England

‘Public geographies in action’: presentations of (local) case studies with Q&A

  • Neil Denton (Newcastle City Council): ‘Perceptions of safety at the neighbourhood level’
  • New Line Graffiti Promotions
  • Participatory Evaluation and Appraisal in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (PEANuT)
  • John Woodward (Northumbria Uni) Antarctic research / schools education work

‘Conversations II’: round up of emerging themes, ‘where do we take this’, discussion around dissemination and outputs etc

Public-orientated intervention in Newcastle city centre, around the issue of ID cards…

All participants are encouraged to bring posters/leaflets/info about specific projects/research they feel is relevant to debate: space will be made available to present any such material.

We hope to also show the photographic exhibition that resulted from the ‘Rescue Geographies’ project, recently installed at MADE gallery in Birmingham, throughout the event: see

The seminar is FREE TO ATTEND, and being run midday Friday to Saturday afternoon in order to enable those outside academia with work commitments Mon-Fri to attend for at least part of the conference – please indicate on the application form (available from or phone 0191 227 3743) which days you intend to participate.

Date: January 23rd and 24th, 2009 Convenor: Kye Askins (Northumbria University) Location: Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne Potential speakers: open to all ‘publics’: academic, postgraduate, practitioner, policy

GA Conference 2009: full programme now available

The full programme for the 2009 GA Conference is now available on the website.
The conference runs from the 16th to the 18th of April, at the University of Manchester.

I've been to Hull and back....

Many thanks to the Hull GA branch for their hospitality at last night's WORLDWISE quiz at Hymer's College, Hull. Chris Aldred co-ordinated the event, which had a very healthy turnout, and good to see lots of parents there too, and a lot of enthusiasm amongst the student participants. There were quizzes for KS3 and KS4 pupils, and also the parents. 
I helped out with the marking of some of the answer sheets, and there were some impressive performances.

Also, the same evening, a very well attended meeting of the newly reformed LEEDS GA branch took place at the University of Leeds with over 100 people turning up.

If you have an event that is coming up, or that you would like featured here, please get in touch.

Study Geography

Many Year 12 and 13 students will be giving thought at the moment to applications for University Geography courses.
The RGS have a very helpful site which takes students through the various options, and is well worth visiting.

The Estate we're in...

One of my favourite reads from last year was Lynsey Hanley's "ESTATES: An intimate history"
Just been putting together some resources for my LIVING GEOGRAPHY conference session, and came across a new resource in the BBC MAGAZINE section.
It's a resource based on the SEACROFT estate in Leeds. The main page has a nice interactive map, with links through to video reports from a number of different perspectives, such as Dorothy Wall, who lives in one of the high-rise blocks on the estate, and has lived in the area for 25 years.
There is also a nice reflective piece from Lynsey Hanley
Keep an eye on the comments by others...
A useful resource for personal geographies...

Geography Champions

On Thursday, I am off to the Royal Geographical Society for a training event for Primary Geography Champions.
This is a new project, co-ordinated by the Geographical Association as part of the Action Plan for Geography.
A number of regional champions have been appointed, and will work to set up networks for their local area, and hope to join up coverage.
There is still time to apply for the next tranche of appointments.
Does this sound like you ?
Are you:
  • Passionate about geography as a subject and about the teaching and learning of quality primary geography?
  • Enthusiastic about leading and developing existing or new networks of primary teachers?
  • Familiar with the aims of the Action Plan for Geography (APG) and the values of the Geographical Association?
Why not get in touch if so....

Benefits include:

  • Freedom to identify your local agenda and needs
  • A free start up pack of geography resource materials
  • Free entry to the GA annual Conference
  • £180 per day to cover preparation and administration time used on the project
  • Free CPD and opportunities for accreditation 
  • Access to a dedicated networking website 
  • Additional funding for special events

Here's the title slide for my little contribution: an introduction to using NING networks to keep in touch with network members. 

I've put together a new USER GUIDE, and a brief introduction to networks.

Geography 3

The 3rd issue of the relaunched 'Geography' is available.

The Geography of the Sunday Lunch

Just putting some resources together for the Regional "Living Geography" conferences taking place during 2009...
What geographical connections could be made based around the sunday lunch. As food is a preoccupation at the moment with the other resource I'm writing, here's some pics of the lunch that I prepared for 6 people earlier today... 

  • Agriculture
  • Food Miles
  • GM Foods
  • Cultural Influences
  • YORKSHIRE Pudding
  • Fenland Soils and the need for flood protection
  • Energy prices
  • Biofuels

Latest Amazon purchase....

The Food Crisis

Working on an article for GA Magazine in Spring 2009, which tells the story of a resource I am also writing for the Training and Development Agency in association with Oxfam. Got a meeting next week to start to put the resource together.
If you have taught about the food crisis and food security, why not tell us about an approach, or resource, or website that you have found useful.

Any particulary good suggestions get a mention at my GA Conference workshop on the issue of Food Security.

200th post...

To celebrate the 200th post on this blog, here is David Lambert's lecture from the Sheffield University Geography Department's Centenary Lecture series...

Sheffield Centenary Lecture
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: of university)
For a little extra reading, check out this post on Jaye Richards' blog (via Twitter)

Under construction

An excellent TES article by Ollie Bray looking at a lesson that he has taught every year since starting to teach on the development of settlements. This has now evolved to include an element of ICT  to add an extra dimension. Check it out !

Building Your Own Town
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Nice work.

Shakeout in the News

Have been reporting on this for the last few weeks.
Apparently about 5 million people took part in the event...


About 5 million people "living" geography...


Another Noel Jenkins discovery...

Concepts: a poll....

Just added a poll to the blog, and also to the GA Ning.
Which of the 7 KS3 concepts do you find the 'hardest' to get your head round...
Would be interested in the results.
Is it possible to ask / answer this question ? Can concepts be taught in isolation ?
Check the NING for further discussion.
Scroll down on the right to find the poll in a yellow box.

Geography in Schools: Misplaced or Misheard ?

Centenary Lecture Series
Peter Jackson introduced the lecture, and David Lambert explored the nature of geography as a subject discipline, and the various pressures and tensions that exist between subjects and a curriculum based on competencies, and skills.
He explored the links between other subjects, and the issues related to this, and the teaching of values, and 'good causes'.
It featured a few GA projects including the YOUNG PEOPLES GEOGRAPHIES project (the famous Anton - who did get those A's by the way) and the MAKING GEOGRAPHY HAPPEN project (of which more to come later...)
There were a number of questions following the lecture, and a drinks reception.

Norfolk Network Meeting

Earlier today it was over to East Dereham to attend a network meeting organised by Rob Lodge, former co-chair of the GA's Secondary Phase Committee. Did a short presentation and met up with a lot of colleagues who I worked with for 20 years before starting my job with the GA.

Thanks to Tim (and Justin) at OCR for the mints !! They were one of the examining boards who were represented at the event. On the way back, the clouds cleared for about ten minutes and managed to snap this image on the way back home.

David Lambert Lecture - live Twitter posts....

David Lambert, Chief Executive of the GA is delivering a lecture at Sheffield University tomorrow tonight.
It's part of the Centenary Lecture Series.

Department of Geography Centenary Lecture
Geography in schools: misheard or misplaced?
Professor David Lambert (Chief Executive of the Geographical Association) 
5:30 pm Richard Roberts Auditorium

I shall be in the audience, and will be doing some live blogging (maybe) and also posting updates to my TWITTER FEED

If you want to JOIN IN, then JOIN TWITTER if you haven't already and CLICK TO FOLLOW ME on TWITTER.

Coming up on the 8th of December is another rather fine lecture which I shall also attend:

Department of Geography Centenary Lecture
Beyond critical - some spaces of optimism in a globalised world 
Professor Doreen Massey (Open University) 
5:30 pm Students' Union Auditorium

GeoChallenge on Facebook

A lot of my virtual colleagues seem to be giving up lots of time to this online diversion.

You need to be logged into Facebook to play.

A Pumpkin is for life, and not just for Halloween...

Added a diary date earlier, and it reminded me of the excellent videos that the GA has produced in association with Pumpkin video.
They are all available from the GA shop.