North and West Norfolk Monopoly

Available from a number of places in West Norfolk. Raising money for Tapping House Hospice - the Norfolk Hospice.

SAGT Conference 2019 - #3 South Georgia

The reason for going up to SAGT was to present on a new resource I am producing for the South Georgia Heritage Trust.
This is out in the new year.
The SGHT had a stand at the conference, manned by CEO Alison Neill.

Image may contain: people sitting

Please sign up here to be informed when the resource goes live, and we will send you a link to download the new PDF. We will only use your e-mail address to send you the link and then delete the details - they will not be stored any longer than needed.

Worth following Mark Brandon's twitter feed for his recent travel - he is in South Georgia at the moment, exploring the end of Shackleton's crossing and the whaling station at Stromness.

UK Climate Emergency Poll - some early results

At the end of last week, a group of us called Geographers for Life launched a UK Youth Climate Emergency Flash Poll. 

We ran it for a week and shared it very widely. The tweet where we launched it had over 50 000 impressions, which was impressive.

The results can be viewed here in the embedded map. More outcomes to come....

And here is a first


Changing Places: Hveragerdi, Iceland from DiscovertheWorldEducation on Vimeo.

An excellent video from Simon Ross and Discover the World Education. It introduces you to this small town which will be familiar to many visitors, and which has an interesting history.

Antarctic sound clips

Antarctic sound clips from the Scott Polar Museum, part of the new Shackleton Online collection.
If you're in Cambridge, you can pick up some interesting Christmas gifts from the shop at the Scott Polar Museum too.

FSC 75th Anniversary Celebration

There were two livestreams of the am and pm sessions at the FSC's 75th Anniversary celebrations I attended last week.
The morning one is here.

The afternoon sessions are here...
This includes Gill Miller of the GA, and Professor Iain Stewart

More thoughts in a future blog post...

WEMC Education Visualisation Tool

The beta of the C3S Climate and Energy Education Tool, developed by the World Energy and Meteorology Council is now live – have a look:
It would be great if you could have a play, share, and perhaps comment on social media using the hashtag #C3SeduWEMC.

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Climate & Energy Education Demonstrator gives access to reliable and robust scientific data through intuitive displays and controls. 
It offers a great opportunity to easily explore first-hand how our climate is changing in a way that matches the school curriculum.

A launch webinar will take place on Tuesday 7th January 2020 at 4pm GMT/UTC

The tool and associated webinar would be of interest to those teaching energy/climate related topics.

Climbing and Climate Change

This BBC piece explains how some Alpine peaks are now close to being closed due to the safety of climbers.

The Matterhorn is one of the famous peaks which is being considered as being close to closure as the rocks are becoming loosened due to a thawing of the water content within them.
I visited the Alps at the start of 2018, and saw the disappearance of the Mer de Glace written in the signs that are on the side of the steps as you descend to the level of the ice from Montenvers station.

Image: Alan Parkinson

Mexico - Google Crisis

A useful Google document on the way that Google Crisis response was brought to play following an earthquake in Mexico, helping people to find out what was happening, and where they could go for help.

FSC 75th Anniversary

I was invited to this event, which is to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Field Studies Council, and held in London.
The day featured a range of sessions which were varied in their scope and approach, but all around the same theme of the importance of learning outside.
Thanks to the FSC for the invitation, and to the Linnean Society for hosting. I shall be sharing some of my take aways from the day in a future blog post, but it was lovely to chat with some old friends and colleagues, and meet some new friends.

Thought for the Day

“Thinking geographically offers a uniquely powerful way of seeing the world and making connections between scales from the local to the global’… the zoom lens attribute of geography that shows how decisions and events at a local level can have global consequences. 
Peter Jackson, University of Sheffield

Climate Change survey

Dear fellow geographers

We need your help to make something important go viral so, one geographer to another, we are hoping that you'll pass this message on to 5 more Geography educators/influencers. 

What do the young people of the UK think about the climate and nature emergencies? 

Myself and a group of geographers (Geographers For Life) working in primary, secondary, and higher education have released a flash poll to find out. Please ask young people you teach (or parent!) to complete this poll AND share it with 5 more geographers to help us spread the poll far and wide. You can also pass it on to your kids, your neighbours, your friends and colleagues, your students... 

It's important that we get as many participants as possible so the key messages emerging from this poll make people sit up and listen. We want to gauge the opinions of young people now, before the election, so that we can communicate how the next generation really feels about the impacts of and solutions to climate and environmental change, and what they want to see done by the government. 

Responses will be anonymous, and all results will be made publicly available when the poll closes this Friday - 6th December. 

Thank you, 

Ben King 
Churston Ferrers Grammar School, Torbay, Devon 

Iain Stewart
Professor of Geoscience Communication at the University of Plymouth 

Paul Chatterton

Professor of Urban Futures at the University of Leeds

Caroline Clason
Lecturer in Physical Geography at the University of Plymouth

Daniel Raven-Ellison

Paula Owens
Teacher, mentor @LESSCO2Schools
Visiting research fellow Canterbury Christ Church Uni. 

Alan Parkinson
 JVP of the Geographical Association, King's Ely School

Flickr followers - a 100th follower needed please

I've been sharing images over on Flickr for over 12 years.
There have been over 28 000 images added to my account, and they have been viewed three-quarters of a million times.
I'm on 99 followers, so if you would like to follow me and have your own Flickr account please do, and I shall follow you back.... it would be good to get over 100 followers.

David Holmes is one of the geographers who uses Flickr to share his images, and he has produced a useful account called Geography SouthWest with albums which I have contributed a few images to.

Do you use Flickr?
Please let me know, and I will put together a list of Geographers using Flickr for a future Webwatch list.
A few others that I have used.

Bryan Ledgard:
Geographical Association (includes Conference photos from the last few years):

Scottish Association of Geography Teachers - many images taken by Val Vannet

Ordnance Survey: